Multi Room Log Cabins

Within the ranges of log cabins at Greenacre, there are three buildings that are designed as multi-room log cabins, giving you an extra room in your log cabin.

Corner Lodge Plus Log Cabin

The Corner Plus Log Cabin is based on the original Corner Log Cabin, but incorporates a dividing wall to create a separate side shed to offer you garden storage alongside your luxury garden room.

The side shed section of the Corner Lodge Plus measures 2m x 3m, and is accessible via a single outer door.

As with the standard Corner Lodge, the Corner Lodge Plus can be ordered as either a left-hand or right-hand specification, allowing you to choose the best fit for your particular garden.

The Retreat Plus Log Cabin

The Log Cabin Retreat Plus is our second multi-room log cabin. The Plus is a version of the original 5m x 4m Retreat Log Cabin that includes its own additional room, again perfect for garden storage. Like the Corner Plus, the side shed on the Retreat Plus Log Cabin is accessible via a single outer door, giving you the option of having your log cabin act as both a comfortable garden room and storage shed.

The Haven Multi Room Traditional Log Cabin

One of our most prestigious log cabins, the Haven, is also available as a multi-room log cabin. The additional room on the Haven is actually accessible from inside the log cabin, and is useful as an indoor storage space, especially if you are using your log cabin as a garden office or a guest room.

The Haven Multi-room Log Cabin is available in two sizes, either as a 5m x 4m building or the larger 5m x 5m option. The larger multi-room log cabin is constructed from the thicker 44mm tongue and groove pine cladding which has a double tongue and groove, and the windows are also double glazed.