All of the Greenacre log cabins are constructed from pine sourced cladding that varies from 28mm up to 44mm. On the website we detail the cladding but you may be unaware what this is. Cladding is the thickness of the wood used to construct the log cabins. If you have not had a log cabin previously then the best way to understand the quality and reliability that these log cabin cladding types offer is by comparing them to a basic shed. Sheds vary from 8mm up to 12mm cladding so to put this into perspective log cabins are more than double the size, strength and reliability of our highest standard shed. The joists and floor also come in various claddings and range from 18mm up to 44mm.

A 28mm cladding offers a reliable and sturdy build although it is your opinion as to which cladding you feel is necessary to buy. One way to find out may be to visit a show site and see the log cabins for yourselves so that you then have an idea of the cladding thickness. There is a price difference between the different types of cladding for example the Escape Double Door Log Cabin is 3m x 3m and is available with 28mm cladding for £1559.99 whilst the same building with a 44mm cladding costs £2399.99.

Our most popular log cabin is the log cabin garage 44mm which highlights the value that the 44mm cladding offers but it is still your decision as to which cladding you need and prefer.