There is much take about what a log cabin can do for you, but what can it actually do for your garden? Well simply it can transform any space into a grand focal point in your garden and really bring a lift to a space that needs renovating. A log cabin also makes the garden useable all year round, as rather than having decking with a chair set that can only be used in summer, you can have an indoor seating area that can be used all year round, plus with many Greenacres coming with large doors, simply open them and you won’t miss out on the summer breeze.

A Log Cabin doesn’t have to be a static obtrusive structure in the garden; you can bring it to life. This can be done simply by perhaps adding a colour treatment to the building to accentuate the colours and mood that you have currently in your garden. Why not add trellising round the exterior walls and grown climbing plants, such as clematis and ivy to create a more scented sanctuary and a place that will not only blend in to the surrounds but also help to provide a secret hideaway.

There is a range of Log Cabins to suit all gardens, shapes and sizes. The most versatile and practical log cabins are the Corner Log Cabins. Stylishly designed with a contemporary feel, this outdoor building will be the focal point of any garden and taking point of any garden party. With a corner at the rear this Cabin can be placed in the most compact of spaces and not take up as much ground space as a normal rectangular cabin, without losing the internal space, and helps to regenerate an area of the garden that you previously thought couldn’t be used.

There is an abundance of different ways in which you can use your log cabin to help transport your garden. It might be that pièce de résistance sat at the end of a garden or it might be used simply make an unusable space functional again. A Log Cabin should never have to be a sacrifice to own, it should be something that works with you and with your garden.