There could not be a better time to buy a log cabin from Walton’s as they are offering 25% off their installation prices. Installation can be a nightmare for some people and I can speak from experience as my DIY skills are non existent. The buildings themselves and the instructions are clear but I just can’t seem to construct the building to the same standard as handy men and installation teams.

For me installation is always a must as it is a great way to reduce your weekend hassle. After a hard week at work the last thing I want to do is have a weekend of work that is going to cause me stress. Installation may seem like a lot of money but if something was to go wrong with your own installation then it may end up costing more in the long term and possibly the short term.

The log cabins are delivered in individual logs so there is a large amount of work involved. For many it may take more than a day to install it and with weather conditions being so varied in the UK this may leave you installing the building in the rain or having to leave the building over night half constructed. If you confident at DIY then installation shouldn’t be a problem all I would recommend is having a friend if not two to help you out.

With 25% off log cabins there is a large amount to be saved so if you are interested in a log cabin with installation then my advice would be to buy sooner rather than later as I am not too sure how long the installation offer will last. We manufacture the log cabins for Walton’s and are aware of the offers they run and will always update you of any offers that we know of now and in the future. This particular offer though is one of the best we have seen and at a time of year when most garden buildings and installations are at the peak prices.

Included in the installation offer are all our latest log cabins including the contemporary and the pool house log cabin. If you haven’t already seen these then make sure you have a look before buying as they will certainly impress your neighbours this summer.